Where and when are the prizes?

In Cartagena on July 12 at 8 pm during LaLexpo Convention in the Getsemaní Cartagena Convention Center Auditorium.

What is the price of admission?

It´s free of cost for all of the LaLexpo participants.

I want to nominate myself. When and how can I do it?

From February 1 to May 15 you can nominate yourself. We will ask you to fill out a basic form that will be reviewed by our jury and then you will receive a response on your nomination.

I want to be a sponsor one of the prizes, how can I do it?

For all the information on sponsorship go to the following link (poner este link

When does it start and how do I conduct the voting process?

The voting process begins on May 18 and ends on July 1. For May 18 we will enable a link so that registered users can vote by category on our website.

Can I nominate my company to different categories?

You can send the nominations and the jury will determine if your request match the terms of the categories you selected.